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The HEALTH INSTITUTION “ALEA DR KANDIC” is located in Avdage Šahinagića No.5 in Sarajevo, next to the parking place where the cultural manifestation “Bascarsijske noci” is held. It is located in the triangle area among Vjećnica, Inat kuca and TV station Hayat.






This health institution is equipped after the most contemporary European standards in view of personnel, technical and spatial aspects.  It occupies a space of about 1.200 m2, divided in three sections:

  • Ambulance-polyclinic section with complete facility for diagnostics and therapy;
  • Stationary section, having ten apartments equipped with the most modern beds digitally adjustable, Jacuzzi tubs, phone, internet connection, kitchen and other facilities which make your stay in this stationary pleasant;

Operating section with two contemporary furnished operating rooms:

  • One operating room for standard surgeries, and
  • Operating room for laparascopic (laser) surgeries, with the most modern techniques for minimally invasive surgery, as a trend in surgery and in medicine in general.


The team of experts at the health institution “Alea dr Kandic” is composed of two university professors, one assistant professor, several medical superintendents, experienced nurses of all profiles, several hygienists and other supporting staff. Our professional associates are selected after the highest criteria in our profession (eminent professors, assistant professors, medical superintendents in all fields of medicine, who are either engaged permanently or on call, respecting thereby the needs and wishes of our patients.

The founder of the health institution “Alea dr Kandic” is Prof. Dr. Zuvdija Kandic, eminent professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo, a surgeon with thirty years of experience in this profession, who proved himself as a specialist, a professor of numerous students, many of them at postgraduate studies, either at masters studies or specialization, and super specialists in the field of digestive surgery as well as other domains of surgery.
The health institution “Alea dr Kandic” is founded with the assets of our citizens who live in America, whose desire for investing in B&H regardless the numerous obstacles and insecurity, reveals their patriotism.

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